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Department of (Organized) Labor

By Sean P. Redmond 10/28/14

The Department of Labor’s (DOL) mission statement includes fostering the welfare of wage earners, job seekers, and retirees; improving working conditions; advancing opportunities for employment; and assuring work-related benefits and rights.  Notably, it does not include rating employers based on their union or non-union status.  After all, although it can be hard to tell sometimes, it’s not called the Department of Organized Labor...  


OUR Walmart Rolls Out a New Tactic: Get Arrested

By Sean P. Redmond 10/16/14

While the worker center group Restaurant Opportunities Center United (ROC) did not have much luck organizing protests earlier this week, another union front group managed to engage in some relatively disruptive made-for-media street theater today.  


Nothing-Burger Restaurant Protests

By Sean P. Redmond 10/16./14

In their ongoing effort to reverse a prolonged decline in membership, labor unions have employed a number of creative strategies with mixed success.  One prominent tactic has been to create or collaborate with worker centers that engage in street theater and made-for-media stunts while circumventing federal labor laws governing picketing.  Those efforts have often yielded spotty results as an episode this week illustrates...  


Louisville’s Minimum Wage Slog

By Sean P. Redmond 10/15/14

With mid-term elections approaching, all of Washington, DC has become more or less paralyzed and the chances of any major legislation passing before January are low at best.  That certainly seems to be the case when it comes to increasing the minimum wage, something the administration has been promoting for some time.  However, despite the bleak prospects of action on the federal minimum wage, plenty is abuzz at the state and local level...


Members-Only Machinations

Sean P. Redmond 10/10/14

The United Auto Workers (UAW) has been trying desperately to unionize automobile plants in the American south as a critical component of its survival strategy, but so far it has not had much luck.  Consequently, the union has embarked on a campaign to organize so-called members-only locals to gain a foothold at factories it is targeting, and its machinations seem rather curious...