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SEIU Fast Food Protests Not Quite as Advertised

By Glenn Spencer 11/19/2015
November 10 was yet another “day of action” for the so-called “Fight for $15” movement, with the group claiming workers would actually strike in 270 cities and protest in 500.  Media outlets called it the largest fast food strike ever, with “tens of thousands” participating.  Social media was abuzz, and the first question in the Republican presidential debate was actually about a $15 minimum wage...


Data Doldrums

By Sean P. Redmond 11/11/15

When it comes to helping their friends in organized labor, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has plenty of tools at its disposal, including some pretty nitpicky policies.  One business found that out the hard way when an NLRB regional director ruled against it for allegedly failing to turn over required information to a union during an organizing campaign...


$15 Foolishness

By Glenn Spencer 11/11/2015

In the wake of the November 10 fast food protests, it’s worth revisiting an article from last month that takes an unusual approach to the minimum wage issue.  It’s written by former Labor Secretary Robert Reich, and illustrates a surprising strain of elitism among advocates of the Fight for $15 movement...


SEIU-Funded Protests Not About Wages

By Glenn Spencer 11/9/2015

On November 10, Service Employee International Union (SEIU)-funded demonstrators will engage in made-for-media protests in various cities around the country. Organizers claim there will be “strikes” in 270 locations, although if history is any guide only a few cities like New  York will see more than a handful of protestors and virtually no employees will actually walk off the job...


Pennsylvania Removes Stealth Union Exemptions

By Sean P. Redmond  11/05/15

The governor of Pennsylvania today signed a bill that removes several controversial legal exemptions for unions that were first brought to light three years ago by the Workforce Freedom Initiative (WFI).  The new law will strip unions of their exemption from prosecution for stalking, harassment, and threatening to use a weapon of mass destruction during a labor dispute...